EnerDry A/S was founded in 1998 by Mr. Arne Sloth Jensen, who is the main inventor of the steam drying technology (in 1981). Since then he has been in charge of the development of this unique technology, originally developed for drying of sugar beet pulp.

EnerDry A/S is headed by Mr. Arne Sloth Jensen.
The development of this technology has resulted in the award of various prizes:

  • 1987, The Environmental Prize of the Commision of the European Communities – presented by His Royal Highness Prince Henrik of Denmark to Mr. Arne Sloth Jensen on behalf of Stege Sugar Factory.
  • 1990, VDZ Germany awarded Mr. Arne Sloth Jensen with its annual prize.
  • 1991, French award for nonpolluting and energy saving technology offered by the organisation APAVE.
  • 1994, In Australia Mr. Arne Sloth Jensen received the Award for Innovation in Drying at the Ninth International Drying Symposium. The award was presented by prof. m. Hasatani, Nagoya University, Japan.
  • 2011, In Finland Mr. Arne Sloth Jensen received the award for Best Drying Design and water removal capacity at the Fifth Nordic Drying conference.