The EnerDry steam dryer can also be used for drying of Distillers Grain from Ethanol production

EnerDry has already examined the possibilities of drying distillers grain (DG) and distillers grain with soulbles (DGS) in the steamdryer.

A large scale test, on a sugar beet pulp dryer has been conducted, and it was a succes.

By installing a steamdryer on a ethanol factory, the steam produced in the steamdryer can for example be used in the beer column reboiler. This way all the energy used for drying is raclaimed.

A typical factory (60 – 150 million gallon / year) will be able to produce ethanol and DDGS at app. 20.000 BTU/Gallon when installing a steamdryer.

This simplified drawing shows how a steamdryer could be intergrated in an ethanol factory

DG before drying in a sugar beet pulp steamdryer