EnerDry is a Danish company supplying equipment and consultancy assistance to industries requiring large scale dryers for drying of bulk particulate materials such as beet pulp from sugar factories.

The intelligent way of drying!

No air pollution by VOC or dust

One steamdryer saves an emission of 600t/day CO2, which equals to a windmill park of 60 wind turbines of 2MW

More than 90% energy saving compared to traditional drumdrying.

Food safety
No contact with combustion flue gas. No fly ash. No risk of forming dioxins

EnerDry’s Patent of Steam Drying
EnerDry’s Patent of Steam DryingSuccessfully Enforced!
EnerDry Steamdryer Meeting 2016
EnerDry Steamdryer Meeting 2016The 23rd and 24th of May, 2016 – Amalgamated Sugar Company, USA
New steam dryer in Nangis, France
New steam dryer in Nangis, FranceDryer Size G
The Enerdry Team, Sep. 2015
The Enerdry Team, Sep. 2015Towards new Challenges
Highest Creditworthiness
Highest CreditworthinessAAA-rating by Bisnode

The History of EnerDry

EnerDry steamdryer – how it works

Articles about EnerDry steam drying

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